Phalanx Fence


quality construction

1.InstallaTION of Post

A.Fixing Post by using Post Base.

B.Fix the aluminum posts with cement. 500mm into the soil.

2. Install the bottom eail, using to bracket to connect rail with post.

3. Install the wpc panels one by one.

4. Install the top rail and post cap

Superior Materials

Phalanx's WPC boards and posts are 20% thicker than any competitor on the market. Phalanx's WPC products are also put through the innovative co-extrusion process perfected by Phalanx. This process is so effective Phalanx has increased the warranty from 10 years to 25 years.

Superior Design

Phalanx's "Forever Fence" is easy to install. Our superior designs are cut with machines that have the highest possible calibration. Creating a perfect fit on every install.